sierpnia 31, 2015


Our mission is to produce quality towels, made of natural fiber, 100 % cotton, and to deliver them to women, men and children in your beautiful country.

We strongly believe that going along with nature by using 100 % COTTON ONLY is the TRUE WAY to obtain good physical or mental health and keeping our Earth in its best possible condition. So we produced printed towels with 15 different nature motives, country by country, with a clear message on it: ALONG WITH NATURE, JOIN US. 

A BearDream towel is A PIECE OF NATURE ON BOTH SIDES - PRINTED AND BACK SIDE, produced by latest digital reactive printed technique with printing resolution up to 360 DPI. Thanks to a permanent color fixation, YOUR ARTWORK PRINTED ON THE TOWEL WILL LIVE FOR A VERY LONG TIME, as reactively printed towels have life long expectancy. 

Many of you can see there is a GREAT IMPROVEMENT from our past towels to the once we produce today. We are happy and proud to share our common achievements with you, still putting all our energy and resources in research, innovation and development of our reactive printing production and sales service. Why do we say our common achievements? Because ON THE WAY, YOU HELPED US WITH BELIEVING IN US IN GOOD AND DIFFICULT MOMENTS AND OFFERING US YOUR  TRUST AGAIN AND AGAIN. THANK YOU. 

Our towels are MADE IN SLOVENIA, IN EUROPE, where all regulations for health are strictly followed. 

Your pioneers!

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